International Rights / Droits internationaux

Self Help / Croissance personnelle

  • Tout Sauf Ana

    Cynthia Laferrière

    In this witty, tender and poignant book, Ana does her best to describe what her life is like as a teenager with anorexia and bulimia, giving us a harsh glimpse into her reality. In a voice that is at times crude but still very endearing, she sheds [...]

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  • C'est Quoi L'amour?

    France Gauthier

    Why is love associated with so much pain and suffering? Love seems to be able to take us from the heights of sublime ecstasy to the deepest pits of despair in no time flat. But from a spiritual point of view, what is the real meaning and true nature [...]

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  • Activer Son Pouvoir De Guerison

    Johanne Robitaille Manouvrier

    Plus de 6 000 exemplaires vendus au Québec!

    Over 6,000 copies sold in Québec!

    In 1995, Johanne Robitialle Manouvrier's husband, Dr Frans Manouvrier, died of cancer. In December 2001, Johanne Robitaille Manouvrier's world was turned upside down again when she found out she had breast cancer. Like many, sadly, she had waited [...]

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  • Dieux Qu'il Y A En Vous -Les

    Flavia Garcia

    According to Jungian depth psychology, the Greek god and goddess archetypes can provide valuable clues to understanding ourselves and others. Because the gods represent living psychic energy, mythology has always offered human beings a way of [...]

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