International Rights / Droits internationaux

Biography / Biographie

  • Dans Ma Peau

    Isabel Curadeau

    In Dans ma peau, Isabel Curadeau shares with the public her fairly unusual experience: that of losing 120 pounds. Indeed, Isabel dropped from 232 to 112 pounds and, by sharing her story, hopes to encourage others to engage in both physical and [...]

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  • Enfance Muette -L'

    Sarah Deschênes

    Silent Childhood is, first, the voice of a child of four whose world falls apart when her older sister is diagnosed with leukemia. This voice relates her reality: that of a child overwhelmed by events she cannot make sense of. Sometimes angry, [...]

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  • Confidences D'un Agent Double

    Bernard Tétrault

    Michael is 14 years old and a double agent. This is the story of a teenage boy, whose dream of becoming a policeman, leads him to accept serving as an informer. His mission is to learn more about the activities of a friend's father, who belongs to [...]

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